Monday, December 17, 2012

Mary Kay Tools: Compacts and Applicators

I figured I should continue the blog about Mary Kay tools, since there are a bunch more. Each, of course, has a different purpose and will appeal to a different customer. Mary Kay thinks of just about everything. Here are some great items from Mary Kay.

Mary Kay Compact Mini ($16, plus tax--empty). I actually think the Compact Mini is "cute". It fits in the palm of my hand. This compact has a magnetic well that will fit the Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors, Cheek Colors, Bronzers, Highlighters or the Foundations that come in their own metal square (Pressed Powder, Cream to Powder and Cream Foundations). You can change the products in the well since they pop out. You can change them once they are empty or change them daily depending on the look you are creating.The applicators and brushes fit in a compartment underneath the magnetic well. Personally, I think this is an ideal foundation compact, but it is versatile.

Mary Kay Compact ($18, plus tax--empty). This compact was actually the first compact that came out with the redesign. This one features the same magnetic well as the Compact Mini, but has space for a Mary Kay Lipstick or Lip Gloss. The tools fit on the side instead of underneath the magnetic well.

Mary Kay Compact Pro ($35, plus tax--empty). This compact builds upon the other two. This one has three magnetic wells. The Compact Pro can hold a Foundation, two Cheek Colors and six Eye Colors, or any similar combination. This compact also has space for two Lipsticks or Lip Glosses, Eyeliner and Lip Liners, plus tools. The Compact Pro is perfect for the girl who just loves make-up.

Earlier, we talked about Brushes. Unfortunately, none of those Brushes will fit in any of the compacts. But, Mary Kay does have applicators that will fit. The first is the Mary Kay Eye Applicators ($2.50, plus tax). A small Eye Color Brush and a small Sponge Applicator come in this set. These are great for the teen, the individual just learning how to apply make-up or for the person who just uses make-up occasionally. They are also perfect for the touch ups throughout the day. The make-up fashionista should use the full size Brushes.

Mary Kay Compact Cheek Brush ($2.50). This Compact Cheek Brush fits in any of the compacts and is perfect to dust a little Cheek Color or Bronzer onto the cheeks. This brush is also perfect for touch ups.

Mary Kay Compact Foundation Brush ($4, plus tax). This Brush is a little larger and takes up the entire space reserved for the tools. This brush is meant to apply foundation and is perfect for touch ups throughout the day.

Mary Kay Cosmetic Sponges ($2.50, plus tax). Each pack comes with two sponges. These sponges are great for cream products, like Cream Foundation, Cream to Powder Foundation or Cream Cheek Color. These should be changed periodically for hygienic purposes.

Mary Kay Brow Tools ($4, plus tax). The Brow Tool set has three mini tools in it. The small angled bristle brush is great for using Mineral Eye Color to add color and definition to the eyebrows or to help spread the color from Eyebrow Pencils. Another brush helps tame the brows before using Mary Kay Brow Gel to set them. The third tool is a set of tweezers. And remember, you pluck a chicken, but you tweeze eyebrows.

Of course, all of the Brushes mentioned here can be cleaned with the Mary Kay Brush Cleaner mentioned in a previous post. 

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