Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mary Kay Tools: Brushes

We started talking about the great make-up items that Mary Kay has. Before I get into it too much, I thought I should talk about the tools before the make-up. You can have the best make-up in the world, but if you have terrible tools to use, store or apply your make-up, then there is really no point.

Mary Kay just updated their line of brushes. Great brushes are another of Hollywood's best kept secrets. Each brush serves a purpose and is made differently. So let's jump in!

Powder Brush ($16, plus tax). This brush is made of natural bristles. Anytime you are using a powder product, whether it is your foundation, check color, eye color or bronzer, you want a natural bristle brush. The natural bristles pick up the powder, but don't hold onto them when you are sweeping them onto your face. The Powder Brush is perfect for Loose Powder or Pressed Powder Foundations to help set your make-up. This brush is also great for bronzers to contour the face.

Mary Kay Powder Brush

Cheek Brush ($14, plus tax). Again, we have natural bristles. This brush is dome shaped so that it is easy to brush your cheek color or bronzer along the cheek bones or to highlight the apples of your cheeks.

Mary Kay Cheek Brush

Eye Color Brush ($10, plus tax). Natural bristle brush, which helps evenly apply Mary Kay Mineral Powder Eye Colors. This is great for color applied all over the eyelid and even up to the brow bone.

Mary Kay Eye Color Brush

Eye Crease Brush ($10, plus tax). Natural bristle brush and meant to do exactly what its name says, apply color to the crease of the eyes. This brush is also perfect for blending colors.

Mary Kay Eye Crease Brush

Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush ($10, plus tax). Natural bristles, which are short, angled and firm, help define the brows and lashes. On the other end, a brush and a comb to tame brows.

Mary Kay Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush

Mary Kay had a brush set, with a bag to hold all the brushes for $48, plus tax. Mary Kay has updated all of the brushes and the bag they come in. The new retail price is now $55. The great thing is, the new bag will hold any of the Mary Kay Compacts. The previous one was not big enough for the Compact Pro. Someone who uses all of the brushes in the set would most likely want the Compact Pro. Also, it was not possible to order the brushes separately. Now you can. So you don't need to buy the whole set if you just need a brush or two. You will, however, save $5 if you buy the whole set, plus get the bag (the bag does not sell separately). You get all 5 above mentioned brushes in the set.

Mary Kay Brush Collection

There are a few more brushes that are worth mentioning. The first is the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10, plus tax). This is the first brush made of synthetic bristles. Since we are talking about cream products, a brush with synthetic bristles is the best choice. Synthetic bristles do not absorb the products you are using. A natural bristle brush will. So, in the long run, you use less product with this brush. Perfect for applying Eye Primer, Cream Eye Color or Concealer. NOTE: A Primer is not necessary for the Cream Eye Colors, but is recommended for the Mineral Eye Colors. Also, it is recommended for hygiene purposes to dedicate one brush for each cream product.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush

Mary Kay Eye Smudger Brush ($10, plus tax). Another natural bristle brush. This brush is perfect for smudging eye color along the lash line. It is also the brush recommended for the smoky affect in eye color.

Mary Kay Eye Smudger Brush

The last two brushes we will talk about are for foundation. So, the brush list is a little out of order, since you would use a foundation brush before you would use any of the rest of the brushes already mentioned. The first is the Mineral Foundation Brush ($10, plus tax). Again, natural bristles for the Mineral Powder Foundation. This brush is ideal to help slowly build your foundation until you get the desired coverage.

Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation Brush

Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Brush ($10, plus tax). Synthetic bristles, which are great for any of the Mary Kay liquid Foundations (Medium Coverage, Timewise or Tinted Moisturizer). These bristles, again won't absorb the Foundation, so you use less. As an added bonus, you don't add any extra oil from your skin when you apply your foundation with a brush.

Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Brush

I've had some people ask why they would spend nearly $100 on brushes. I agree, it is a rather large sum of money for brushes. Remember, the better the brush, the easier it will be to apply the product. Additionally, Mary Kay just debuted a new product to help clean the brushes, extend their use and protect your investment. Mary Kay Brush Cleaner ($10, plus tax) will help keep your brushes clean and ready to use.

Mary Kay Brush Cleaner

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  1. Mary Kay needs to make their brushes in the US and with softer bristles, I'm am not kidding, if I have to pay more $ I would cuz I just love mary kay products but not the brushes they just poke my face!

    1. Thanks Erica! I appreciate the feedback. I'll pass up the information. :)

  2. I love the new brush set!!! plus i have all the other brushes too. A very great investment. Thanks for explaining natural vs synthetic!

    1. You are sweet! I'm glad I can help.