Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Call for Faces

Hello Everyone!

I need your face! Yes, you read that right. I need models for my social media and to boost my Mary Kay business. I need all ages, face shapes, skin tones, etc. I want to show what I am capable of. For each model, I will feature you on my blog, Pinterest and Instagram. You will get to approve the before and after photos. I need Porcelain Goddesses, Latina Divas, Bronze Beauties and everyone in between. I need all hair styles, colors and textures. Every eye color and shape! Bring it on!

I've been struggling lately. If I'm honest, I am feeling a little lost. I am a soldier in the US Army. If you've read this blog, you know I'm a male Mary Kay Consultant and I LOVE IT. I'm a decent soldier. I'm good at my job. At the moment, I am only a Reservist. I can't go back active duty since there are too many who have the same job as me. I have one bachelor's degree (Russian) and I am almost done with the second (History, if I ever get motivated to finish it). Neither are getting me any further in my Army career. They are also apparently not impressive to civilian employers. So far, very few have called me back. I'm beginning to think I am unhireable. Sad!

That leaves me to my passions: Russian, Figure Skating, Soldier, Teacher, Clearance Manager and Mary Kay. To date, not a single man has ever become a National Sales Director in Mary Kay. Why not me? I am so good at this business. I just need people to teach. I need faces to showcase my ability. Through all my soul searching--oddly enough, Mary Kay is where I see myself. This is what I would like to do for a career.

Unfortunately, I cannot do this make over for free. It will cost $58.85. Why such an odd amount? That is the exact cost of the Mary Kay Brush Set, with sales tax.We can discuss payment options. I'm not unreasonable.
I will come out with your brushes and show you how to use them. We will then create a custom look, just for you. It can be as glam as you'd like it to be. It can also be an every day business look. You are even welcome to try more than one look! These will be your brushes! You paid for them. Plus, you will be sure that they are clean and never been used.

I will give you two free gifts for you efforts. You will get a Foundation Brush ($10), matched to the Foundation you use, either Powder or Liquid. I will also give you a free Brush Cleaner ($10). So, you already start out with $20 in free gifts.

I will also let you purchase items from my sale stash. I have eye shadow for $5; lip liner, eye liner, lip gloss, lip stick, cheek color, bronzer and foundation for $10; fragrance and more foundation for $15; body care for $25. I need to move some inventory to make room for new items. So, you get discounts. My sales items are pretty extensive, or I'd upload pictures. Come see what I've got while I have it. Once it's gone, replacements will be full price. And some items I can't get more of. They were limited edition and specialty items.

If this isn't for you, please spread the word. Since I am a man in Mary Kay, I can't just walk up to strangers and ask if I can come over and show them some skin care or the trendiest lipstick shade. That's just creepy. So, I must work off referrals.

I will travel to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, but those might have to wait until I'm making more money. :) The further I travel, the more help I will need from you. Bring your friends along. The more the merrier!

Please share! It's time I take the leap of faith and declare that I am all in with this business. My contact information is on my website:

Take care!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Star a Mary Kay Business This Year!

I am looking for a few good people, who want more out of life. I am looking for those who would like to earn some extra money. Yes, it is holiday season. Yes, everyone is busy. There are a host of benefits working for yourself as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

First, you get all of your Mary Kay products at 50% of retail. There are no quotas to buy each month. There are also no inventory requirements.

You get tax benefits for working for yourself. Part of your rent or mortgage, utilities, cell phone and internet bills are all tax deductible if used for your business. You can also write off any trips you take for training as well as some of the cost of any clothes you purchase to be professional.

Everyone starts at the same Starter Kit for $100, plus shipping and tax. There is enough product in that Starter Kit to give facials for over 30 people. An amazing start to your business. If you were to buy all of the products separately, you would pay over $300.

Those who work their business well can earn jewelry, cars, trips and other prizes around the world. I'll feature some of them on this blog.

Mary Kay corporate maintains our websites, has sister companies for business cards and professional tools and provides all training needed to be successful. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

I have my own goals. I am looking to be a Pink Cadillac Driver. I want this car:

If I am going to drive Pink, it's gonna be big. :)

I am also looking to be the first Male National Sales Director. To do that, I need to become a Director first. I then must also help another 20 people to become Directors. I am looking for people who want to be Directors. I will show you how, with my current Director, Kerri Bunker.

As an incentive, those who choose to start their Mary Kay business as part of the Kerri Bunker Unit, you well earn a Pink Ice Ring as a sign up bonus:

We just need to know your size. Once your agreement is accepted, we'll send off your Pink Ice Ring. I have a plan to help you earn two more pieces of Pink Ice Jewelry, plus a few other fancy pieces. The details we can discuss once you are a Consultant. But, it will be a bit of work. This is a career, after all. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Here are other pieces of jewelry I will help you earn in your first 3 months as a Mary Kay Consultant:

You will have 3 pieces of matching Pink Ice jewelry as well as 3 pieces of matching Pearl jewelry. I just need a commitment from you. You will also earn a few of the beautiful lapel pins to show of your success. I am looking for those anywhere in the US or its Territories who have 5 to 20 hours per week for their Mary Kay business. That's it. It's a part-time job with full-time rewards. As long as you can be consistent, you will be successful. You have to be at least 18 years old to sign an agreement. If you are not a US citizen, but in the US or its Territories, let me know. You can still join Mary Kay, but there are some additional things you must know.

Contact me on my website. Let me know you are interested in Mary Kay as a career option. I'll be in touch and I will help you get started!

Take care and Happy Holidays!

Monday, July 7, 2014

What's Wrong with Mary Kay

The title is a little misleading. There is nothing wrong with Mary Kay. Incredible skincare, amazing make-up, beautiful fragrance and some great products for the body, too! Mary Kay gives back by donating money to research the cancers that affect women as well as domestic violence shelters and teen dating violence. Not to mention that Mary Kay gives amazing prizes and compensation to its sales force. I really find nothing wrong with the company. I even know a lot of self-made women millionaires. Did you know Mary Kay has more women millionaires than any other company in the world?

What then is the issue with Mary Kay? Mostly, the issues are in how Mary Kay is received. Most people think lipstick when they hear Mary Kay. Some even think of pink Cadillac cars. If you have not checked out Mary Kay's product line in a while, you should. It is so much more than lipstick. You name a skin care concern on your face and I'm certain Mary Kay has something that can help. I think the only thing Mary Kay cannot do is remove a mole. :) I can brighten your skin, diminish dark circles, even out skin tone, clear up your complexion. I can also moisturize, exfoliate and reduce oil. I have environment friendly products, everything is tested for sensitive skin and let's not forget that Mary Kay has a buy back guarantee. If you don't like your purchase for any reason, return it. You lose no money and neither does your Consultant. Check out my website here to see all of the great things I have available.

Most people think that Mary Kay Consultants sell as a hobby. None of our friends, family, co-workers or neighbors will believe we are selling Mary Kay to support ourselves. Most assume we are going to be pushy, force them to buy things they don't want and are more concerned about ourselves than our customers. I can't really speak for everyone. But, I have seen the pushy Consultant. And no matter how much make-up she puts on, she's just not pretty. I like to do exactly what I signed up to do--consult people about their skin. You tell me what you want to keep, what you want to change and what you want to learn. I'll pull out those products so you can try them. It's up to you to buy them. If you don't, then you won't see the changes you want in your skin. That is on you--not me!

Many don't want to host a party. They assume it's going to take a lot of time, that I will telemarket their friends or they just assume since it's my hobby, it's not really a big deal to say no. If I conduct a party correctly, the hostess will spend less than 30 minutes putting the party together. It's my business; I should do all the work. I don't trust anyone with my money. Parties fall apart when I leave the hostess in charge. Then the hostess is discouraged thinking that it's just too hard to host a party. The only thing I need from my hostess is a date, time, location and a guest list. After that, I will do all the invites, get people excited, make sure they know what I plan to do as well as show up on time, ready and with the right materials for that class. Remember, I am there to CONSULT, not push sales. If they don't buy it that is their problem.

Many buy only a few things because they are on a tight budget. But, I do offer a way to help customers earn products. The only way I can grow our business is to meet people. I do not have a retail store and I am not allowed to have one by my contract. I do not know everyone in the world. You know people that I don't. All I ask is that you introduce them to me. If they don't want to come, they will tell you. Do the Consultant and the Guest the favor of not deciding for them. Just ask and see what happens. Host a party and you get free Mary Kay.

I guess a round about way of rambling is that I just ask you give your Consultant the benefit of the doubt. If she asks you to host a party, there is a reason why. She likes you; she thinks you will like the products she has; or she just really needs your help. We are all struggling with something. Yet is so easy to minimize something like Mary Kay. Trust me! It's so worth looking into. :)

Take care!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Why I Love Mary Kay--Cars!

I do have people ask me from time to time, "If you win a pink car, are you going to drive it?". I guess since I am a male Mary Kay Consultant, this would seem to be a surprise answer. But, my response is always, "It's free. I'll drive it whatever color it is". Why not? Why would I say no to a free car. I've never driven or owned a "brand new" car. I purchased a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser in 2007, which means it was already a year old. That was the newest car I ever owned.

In short, yes, I would drive a pink car. It's the only new car I will most likely every drive. I know it's a vehicle that is in a lease in my name, but that does not bother me in the least. And if I keep up production levels, Mary Kay will take the "old" one and give me a new one every two years. I don't see the downside to this.

Let me share with you some of the cars Mary Kay has in its Career Car line-up. In my opinion, they are amazing.

The first is a Consultant Car. It's a Chevy Cruz 1LT. How many companies do you know that allow "Consultants" who are not Directors earn a car? They Chevy Cruz is white, not pink. A Consultant earns this car based on her (or his) personal production and the production of personal team members--or those first line recruits. Downline does not count in the Consultant car prize. The qualification period is 4 months long. Some people may decide that they do not want this car, so they can choose to take $375 per month instead. Get whatever car you'd like or use that money to pay your current car payment.

Directors have a bunch of car options, but they are all based on the level of production. Mary Kay has a Premier Club, Premier Club Plus and the Pink Cadillac Club. To earn any of these cars, you must be a Director first. Production levels are based on your personal production, personal team member production and whole downline production. Basically, everyone who belongs to the Director's unit helps the Director earn a car (while earning their own Chevy Cruz).

The Premier Club options are the Chevy Equinox 1LT and the Toyota Camry SE. Both of these vehicles are black. The Director can choose either one, since they both belong to the same level.

If the Director and the unit do a little more production, the Director can choose another vehicle if they are part of the Premier Club Plus. This would allow the Director to choose a black BWM 320i. This vehicle joined the Mary Kay Car Program in January 2014. So, not many have earned this car yet.

The qualification period for all three of these Premier Club vehicles is six months and if none of these vehicles strike your fancy, you can opt to take $500 a month instead.

The top vehicle prize, the one everyone associates with Mary Kay is the Pink Cadillac. There are two options, the Cadillac SRX and the Cadillac CTS. Both are PINK, of course. These have the highest levels of production required and the qualification period is six months. Those who do not want to drive a Pink Cadillac can take $900 a month instead.

I would like to point something out. Every Consultant who has taken the Career Car instead of the Cash Option said it was easier to become a Director since they had physical proof that Mary Kay does give out cars and "regular people" earn them. Also, every Director who earned a Premier Club Car often earned the Pink Cadillac for the same reason. And my personal Director, Kerri Bunker of Denver, Colorado, stated that she makes more than $900 extra each month because she drives a Pink Cadillac (as opposed to the Cash Option). According to her, people take pictures of her car, leave notes on her car for product orders and know that she has the products they want since she is a Cadillac Driver. So, be cautious about taking the Cash Option instead of the free car. :) Let's not forget that Mary Kay pays for approximately 80% of the tax, title and insurance for your vehicle. You pay the balance, which comes out of your commissions (which you have since you are winning a car). Other than regular maintanance (oil changes, etc) and gas, you are truly driving a free car.

Anyone want to earn one with me? If you do, I want you on my team. :)

Take Care!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why I Love Mary Kay--Commissions!

I've had many people ask me why I sell Mary Kay, as a man. I mean, men don't wear lipstick, so why would I sell it? First of all, take a look at the Mary Kay website sometime. Mine is here. You'll find out that Mary Kay is more than just lipstick. Second of all, men sell everything from ladies lingerie to yachts. Does it matter if I make a living off of "just lipstick"? It shouldn't. Besides, the company is amazing.

I would like to share with you the marketing plan from Mary Kay--the commissions and prizes we earn from Mary Kay. Ask yourself, does your current job or Direct Sales company do the same? It is worth a shot to earn some of these? What I love about Mary Kay--the company posts the minimum requirements. ANYONE who meets the requirements earns the reward. If the company needs to give the same reward to a million people, they will.

You start out by signing your agreement and becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant under someone. For most, they start out under a Recruiter and a lot of others start out under a Director. Neither matters since everyone has a Director somewhere.

As a Consultant, you earn 50% off of everything that you sell. You buy the product from the company first (say a lipstick, for example at $7.50). You then sell it for the suggested retail ($15). This is no secret, so nobody in Mary Kay is going to be upset with me for sharing this information with you. The more you sell, the more you earn, but your commission is always 50%. You can choose to give away some of your commission by giving away free product to those who help you find more customers, but that is an individual thing. We all love doing it!

I know a lady who sold $100,000 in product each year. She was the Queen of Sales every year. That means, she was making $50,000 just in her commissions alone. She was not a recruiter. She was a retail seller. You can do this if you which. Nobody will make you recruit anyone. I have no idea how long it took her to generate such sales, but I do know she had done it for years by the time I met her.

If you choose to recruit people, you will start to earn bonuses off of their wholesale purchases to the company (the lipstick we buy for $7.50 and sell for $15). You make nothing off the $15. Your commission comes from the $7.50, which the company sends to you. We do not buy products from each other. We all buy straight from the company (to ensure everyone is getting a 50% commission). You will never give any commissions to your recruiter and none of your recruits will give you any. Like I said, it all comes from big Mary Kay.

If you recruit one or two people who start selling product, you become a Senior Consultant. You are eligible for 4% commission from everything they buy from the company. We call these "love checks" since they are not usually huge. Every $1000 in product they buy from the company, you earn $40. It is in YOUR best interest to make sure your team knows how to make money and sell product. The more they sell, the more you earn. So, make sure your team members are hooked up with your Director. It's her job anyway to train new people. That's why she earns the big checks.

If you have 3-4 personal team members, you continue to earn 4% commission, but you are now a Star Team Builder or a "Red Jacket". We call these people Red Jackets, because they get to wear one as a symbol of their status. You even get it nearly free the first time you buy one. The company gives you a voucher to get one at a big discount. You also earn a $50 bonus on the 4th team member and EVERY ONE after that, forever! Okay, not forever. As least as long as you are alive and in Mary Kay.

After the 5th team member, you are now a Team Leader. Your commissions move up to 9%, depending on activity. So that $40 commission just jumped to $90. Depending on your team's orders and your own personal orders, that 9% can jump to 13%. If you do it right, you can jump from $40 to $130 overnight. :) Also depending on production levels of your team, you can start to earn the use of a FREE CAR. At this point, the car is a white Chevy Cruz. We'll talk about how to win a car later. Just know that 5 personal team members is the minimum to go into qualification to earn a car.

At 8 personal team members, you are a Future Director. Commissions are the same at this point. Remember, it's 9-13% commission off of purchases of your team members from the company, plus $50 off of each one, starting with #4. At 10 personal team members, you can go into Director Qualification. We call these, Directors-in-Qualification or DIQs. You are not required to become a Director, just know you need at least 10 personal team members to consider it. Director Qualification is another subject, just like Car Qualification.

But, just so you know, once you become a Director, that $50 recruiting bonus jumps to $100. And the 4-13% bonus, jumps from 4% to as much as 36%. So your $40 commission off of $1000 jumps to a $360 commission, depending on levels of production and individuals (your personal team member commission is going to be different than your down line commission--which is also another topic).

Directors are the individuals who earn the Chevy Equinox, Toyota Corolla or AS OF JAN 1, 2014, a BMW 320i (all 3 are black) OR, if they are top Directors, a Pink Cadillac (SRX or CTS). Directors can also earn the Top Director Trip. For 2014, the trip is to Maui, Hawaii, with a bonus (if you earn it) to San Francisco--all paid for by Mary Kay (on top of all those bonuses and free cars you've earned).

This is why I love Mary Kay. And it only costs $100, plus shipping and tax to get started. Is it worth it to you? Mary Kay posts the monthly commission checks of many of the Directors each month. I know some National Sales Directors who earn $100,000 a month in commissions. Now, these are rare ladies indeed (and no men have ever achieved this level--but I will). Don't you want a shot at it? I know, I do!

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. But this marketing plan is why I LOVE MARY KAY!

Take care!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm very flattered

Well, it has been well over a year since I posted anything on this blog, made a video on Youtube, tweeted much, etc. Yet oddly enough, I still have people reading this blog. I even get emails, comments on my blog and a phone call or two from people interested. I'm very flattered that I have a following of some kind. My sole purpose is to assist those who have questions. Feel free to ask any questions. I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as I can.

So, it's a new year and some changes have happened in my life. Mostly, I plan on building my Mary Kay business. I want the things I talk about in this blog. I want to be able to drive a free car from Mary Kay (yes! I will drive around in a pink Cadillac if I earn one--why not? it's free!). I've never owned a brand new car before. Even though I won't technically own this car from Mary Kay, it's still brand new and I get to drive it. And I love that I get a new one every two years, so long as I meet the requirements to earn one. Where else can you go where they'll take your "old" car back and give you a new one every two years? I don't know of many places. Feel free to let me know where these places are. I'm sure others wouldn't mind working for such companies.

I want the trips around the world, the jewelry, the cash bonuses, etc. I am looking for people who want that as well. I want to be a Director, where I can inspire many people to achieve their dreams by teaching, coaching and guiding. I know many ladies who I think would be incredible Directors, if they would just give Mary Kay a chance. I can see them as powerful business women who mentor other ladies. I also know there are men out there who understand the opportunity. I want to inspire them to know that men can sell skin care and make-up just as well as ladies--and the ladies don't mind at all.

I want to find people who want free products from me just for being my customer. I want to spoil those who introduce me to new customers. The only way I am successful at Mary Kay is if I have customers who enjoy the product. I am not a pushy salesperson. I am a CONSULTANT. I consult with you on your skin care needs and help you find the products and tools that help you achieve those needs. And if you can't afford some of the products I have, I am willing to help you earn them for free. What would you buy from Mary Kay if you could get $100 worth of product for free? Contact me and I'll let you know what we can do together so you can earn this $100 shopping spree. I love to give away product (see, I'm not a pushy salesman or I'd not give you anything for free).

In short, I am going to be more dedicated to social media. I am actively interviewing people who want a job. For now, I can only interview those in the United States and its territories. International will come, but one step at a time. I am looking for hosts who want $100 in free product and I am looking for customers who want top customer service and expert consultation.

Feel free to share this with your friends.

Take care!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Color 101: Lucious Lips

It has been a while since I was able to create a post. I am now back in the States after nearly a year deployed in Afghanistan. It's good to be home, but it was an adjustment. In addition to getting home, I started college again. I haven't been in college classes in 12 years. It's definitely another adjustment. But, I have to finish a degree. So, that's what I am doing.

So, for today, we are going to talk about lips. Hopefully, I'll have some information in today's post that is new or helpful. Before we start adding color to the lips, we need to start at the beginning. Lipstick and lip gloss won't sit on the lips well if they are dry, chapped or rough. We start with Satin Lips ($18, plus tax for the set). This is a two step treatment to smooth the lips. Step 1 exfoliates and Step 2 moisturizes. You can use the lip balm (step 2) as often as you need. It's one of the items I use regularly (even as a guy). Step 1 should be used only once or twice a week. If you buy the two steps separately, you'll end up paying $1 extra. Save yourself the money and buy them together.

Another often skipped step is a lip primer. Mary Kay has Timewise Age-Fighting Lip Primer ($22, plus tax). We are back to another Timewise product--so we are anti-age and anti-wrinkle. Based on a 12 week study, 100% of women saw an improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lips. Again, that is EVERYONE! Not only will this product help keep your lips soft and wrinkle-free, the Lip Primer will help keep your lip color in place--on your lips! I personally use this product underneath the Satin Lips Lip Balm (step 2) and find it helps keep the lip balm in place, too. Which is what I want. I use the lip balm to moisturize.

The last often skipped step is Lip Liner ($12, plus tax). Mary Kay has 9 shades of Lip Liner. These have been updated from the former concept. Previously, a person would buy a pink Lip Liner to go with a pink lipstick or lip gloss. A brown or chocolate Liner for a brown lipstick or lip gloss and so on. You needed a different liner for each shade of lipstick. Mary Kay as updated that. Now you pick a Lip Liner to match your LIPS, not your lip color. That way, you only need one Lip Liner, no matter which lipstick or lip gloss you use. Lip Liners help give you that Hollywood finished lip look and they help keep your lip color on your lips. If you are new to Lip Liners, try Mary Kay's Lip Liner in Clear. It does the same thing, but leaves no color.

Mary Kay Creme Lipstick ($15, plus tax). Mary Kay has 39 shades of Lipstick in a range of color families (Pink, Tawnies, Reds, Metals, Neutrals, Chocolates, Berries and Reds). If you wear Lipstick, Mary Kay has a shade for you. The Creme Lipstick is moisturizing and has vitamins C and E in them. Additionally, the Creme Lipstick fits in the standard Compact and the Compact Pro.

To finish your look, try Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss ($14, plus tax). 14 incredible shades. These can be used to amp up your lipstick color or to mute it a little. You can also use the Lip Gloss to add shine to a matte lipstick color. You can mix Lipsticks and Lip Glosses to make a custom lip color all your own! The NouriShine Plus Lip Glosses also fit in the Compact and the Compact Pro.

And new to the Mary Kay Lipstick family, Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick ($18, plus tax). This is an intense moisturizing Lipstick and comes in 10 shades. This Lipstick debuted in December 2012. The tube is also the right size for the Compact and the Compact Pro. Made with natural ingredients and age-defying benefits, this is a great Lipstick.

Again, I hope this information is beneficial. And as always, I welcome comments, questions and product reviews! Mary Kay has some great things happening this year. It is the 50th Anniversary of the company. Be sure to check things out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care!