Friday, December 28, 2012

Mary Kay Make-up: Concealers, Highlighters and Loose Powder

It's been a while since I've given some tips or information about products. It's time to get back into it before the year is done. There are some great products that Mary Kay has to help you achieve the flawless look anyone is looking for.

Concealer ($10, plus tax). Concealers are meant to do what their name implies--conceal something. A blemish, discolored skin, a scar--whatever you have in mind. Concealers go on after your cleansing routine and after your moisturizer. Concealers also go on before your foundation. Concealers are meant as a spot treatment, but can be used more liberally if there is a lot of variations in skin tone. Concealers should be a tad lighter in shade than your foundation. This is to add a "lift" underneath the foundation, to hide whatever it is you want to hide. If you have no idea what foundation or concealer shade you should use, look to your decollete, that's the area between the chest and neck. Match your foundation to that area of your skin and adjust your concealer as needed--remember, a bit lighter than your foundation. If you have a lot of redness in the skin, Yellow Concealer would be the best choice to counteract the redness. Concealer is best applied using a brush, but you can use your fingers, too. Dab a little on and make sure the concealer lays flat or it'll be noticeable.

Facial Highlighting Pen ($18, plus tax). This is a fun product. The Facial Highlighting Pen goes on top of your foundation. This is meant to add lift to areas of the face, like the laugh lines, inside of your eyes, corners of the nose, etc. If you are going to highlight under the eyes, just highlight the darker area underneath puffiness, not the puffiness itself. This will make it appear less puffy. Reapply throughout the day as needed to keep yourself looking refreshed.

Mineral Highlighting Powder ($12, plus tax). This is more of an advanced product for a custom look. This is a mineral product, so it soaks up oil. And like all other mineral eye and cheek products, the Mineral Highlighting Powder has vitamins A, C and E. Use this product to give lift to the face. The Mineral Highlighting Powder can also be used all over the face or as eye colors. The Mineral Highlighting Powder is great for contouring the face.

Loose Powder ($14, plus tax). Mary Kay has an entire line of foundations. Some are liquid, some are powder, some are cream and some are a mix. Loose Powder is used to set your make-up. This is a Hollywood secret. After your concealers, foundation and make up, you can add a small layer of Loose Powder over the top to keep your make-up in place. It adds a layer between your make-up and the environment. As an added bonus, Loose Powder soaks up excess oil.

Well, that was short and sweet today. I hope you find this information helpful. Feel free to check out my website for more tips and product information. And (of course) shop anytime!

Take care!

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