Thursday, December 20, 2012

Make-up 101: Eye Color

I've posted information about skin care, which is a critical step in making sure your make-up looks flawless. The clearer the skin, the more likely you'll get the results you are looking for with your make-up. If you have a great skin care routine that works for you, awesome! I'm happy you found something. If you haven't found that great skin care routine yet, you should really give Mary Kay a try. If you hate it after you buy it, you can get your money back. It's the Mary Kay guarantee! And the Consultant you return the product to does lose money for your returns. So don't be shy.

We've talked about primers, foundations and brushes. Each of these has a purpose to create a flawless look. Now we are going to talk a little about eye colors.

Eye colors serve one of three purposes: highlighter, midtone and accent color.

Highlighters are the lightest shade you are using on a given day. This is the color that gives lift to your eyes. Highlighters are usually applied from the lid to the brow bone. Highlighters can have shimmer or have a matte finish. The use of shimmer would be a personal preference. My own personal opinion would be to tone down the shimmer on business looks (that doesn't mean eliminate shimmer, just in case you were wondering). The Highlighter can also be applied to the inside corner of the eye, near the nose. Highlighters that are close to your own natural skin tone are a perfect start, especially for a business look.

Midtones are often a neutral or earth tone that goes all over the eye lid. The Midtones are usually blended near the crease of the eye lid with the Highlighter shade. The same as Highlighters, Midtones can be shimmer or matte finish. Having just a Highlighter and Midtone is perfect for a business look.

Accent Colors are the pop of color. These are usually your vivid colors, Gold, Green, Silver, Blue, Purple and even Pink. The most common place to apply the Accent Color is from the outside corner of the eye through the crease. The color is blended with the Midtone and Highlighters. Often the Accent Colors are applied along the lower lash line as well, particularly in a night look. It is common, but not necessary to use an eyeliner in a similar shade to your Accent Color. Accent Colors also come in shimmer and matte finishes.

What's great about an Accent Color--you can start out with your regular Highlighter and Midtone for your business look. When work is done, touch up your first to Eye Colors and add your Accent Color. Now you are ready to go out. And you can change your Accent Color daily, but keep your Midtown and Highlighter. It's simple and quick to go from a day look to a night look. For easy application of an Accent Color, try the Mary Kay Eye Crease Brush.

Mary Kay has two types of Eye Colors, in addition to their purpose. Mary Kay Cream Eye Color ($13, plus tax). Comes in 5 shades. Mary Kay Cream Eye Colors work as a primer as well as an eye color, so you don't need a primer underneath the Cream Eye Colors. Cream Eye Colors wear for 10 hours. How can you beat that? These colors can be layered with other Cream Eye Colors or with the Mineral Eye Colors. The Cream Eye Colors also go on better if applied with a brush. Check out the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors ($6.50, plus tax). Each Mineral Eye Color comes in a metal square, made to fit in any of the Mary Kay Compacts. So you choose which colors you want in the compact and can change them as often as you'd like. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors come with vitamins A, C and E, so they are actually good for your skin. The Mineral Eye Colors are fade resistant and absorb excess oil as well. Eye Primer is recommended to help extend the wear of your Eye Color.

Finish your eye look with an Eyeliner ($12, plus tax). Mary Kay has seven shades in Eyeliner pencils and just Black in Liquid Eyeliner ($11, plus tax). Each of the Eyeliner pencils comes with a built in sharpener in the cap, wear for up to 8 hours and are smudge-proof and waterproof.

Top off your eye look with a Mascara. Again, I recommend Black/Brown and Brown shades of Mascara for the fairer ladies, those like Renee Zellweger or Nicole Kidman. The medium and darker skin tone ladies or fair ladies with dark hair should use Black Mascara. And of course, Black Mascara for all skin tones for the red carpet or night-on-the-town look.

Remember, at the end of the day, remove all of that great eye make up with Mary Kay's Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover

I hope this helps some of those ladies I've met who say they have "no idea what to do" with eye colors. I welcome pointers from the experts--ladies who apply eye color every day. Please feel free to chime in and share tips. I also welcome any questions, comments or product reviews.

Take Care!

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