Friday, December 7, 2012

Hollywood Secret: Primer!

So now that we've talked about many of the skin care sets that Mary Kay has, we can move into make-up. Everyone knows Mary Kay for make-up, even though they should know Mary Kay for it's skin care.

There is a secret that many use in the fashion and model industry as well as Hollywood. This secret helps keep your make-up fresh. It's called PRIMER! Mary Kay has 4 different primers, each with a specific task. Using them all will help you look flawless all day.

The first is Foundation Primer ($16, plus tax). This is a light gel that absorbs into the skin easily. Yes, I tried this product to see what it feels like. This formula is oil free and has minerals in it to help absorb oil. Additionally, this product will make pores, fine lines and wrinkles appear smaller. As a bonus, it has an SPF 15. The main benefit of Foundation Primer is that it helps extend the wear of your foundation. For more information, check here:

Another primer is Timewise Age-Fighting Lip Primer ($22, plus tax). If you notice, this is a Timewise product, which means it's anti-age and anti-wrinkle. According to studies 100% of women had an improvement of fine lines around the lip area after using this product. That is everyone, just in case you didn't catch that part. Additionally, this product helps keep your lipstick and lip gloss in place--on your lips. This is a definite product to check into.

Eye Primer ($12, plus tax). This product is for eye color. For those who want to prevent creasing and smudging of eye color, this is the product for you. This product is suitable for all skin types and even contact lens wearers can use it. NOTE: Mary Kay sells cream eye colors. A primer is not needed for those. Just for the mineral eye colors.

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15, plus tax). This product helps make your lashes fuller when used as a base coat under mascara. This product can also be used alone for a natural lash look. Helps keep lashes curled and extends the wear of your mascara.

I hope this information was helpful! Using any of these products will help you create a flawless look. It's time we shared this information so it's no longer a Hollywood secret!

As always, I welcome comments and questions!

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