Friday, January 17, 2014

Why I Love Mary Kay--Cars!

I do have people ask me from time to time, "If you win a pink car, are you going to drive it?". I guess since I am a male Mary Kay Consultant, this would seem to be a surprise answer. But, my response is always, "It's free. I'll drive it whatever color it is". Why not? Why would I say no to a free car. I've never driven or owned a "brand new" car. I purchased a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser in 2007, which means it was already a year old. That was the newest car I ever owned.

In short, yes, I would drive a pink car. It's the only new car I will most likely every drive. I know it's a vehicle that is in a lease in my name, but that does not bother me in the least. And if I keep up production levels, Mary Kay will take the "old" one and give me a new one every two years. I don't see the downside to this.

Let me share with you some of the cars Mary Kay has in its Career Car line-up. In my opinion, they are amazing.

The first is a Consultant Car. It's a Chevy Cruz 1LT. How many companies do you know that allow "Consultants" who are not Directors earn a car? They Chevy Cruz is white, not pink. A Consultant earns this car based on her (or his) personal production and the production of personal team members--or those first line recruits. Downline does not count in the Consultant car prize. The qualification period is 4 months long. Some people may decide that they do not want this car, so they can choose to take $375 per month instead. Get whatever car you'd like or use that money to pay your current car payment.

Directors have a bunch of car options, but they are all based on the level of production. Mary Kay has a Premier Club, Premier Club Plus and the Pink Cadillac Club. To earn any of these cars, you must be a Director first. Production levels are based on your personal production, personal team member production and whole downline production. Basically, everyone who belongs to the Director's unit helps the Director earn a car (while earning their own Chevy Cruz).

The Premier Club options are the Chevy Equinox 1LT and the Toyota Camry SE. Both of these vehicles are black. The Director can choose either one, since they both belong to the same level.

If the Director and the unit do a little more production, the Director can choose another vehicle if they are part of the Premier Club Plus. This would allow the Director to choose a black BWM 320i. This vehicle joined the Mary Kay Car Program in January 2014. So, not many have earned this car yet.

The qualification period for all three of these Premier Club vehicles is six months and if none of these vehicles strike your fancy, you can opt to take $500 a month instead.

The top vehicle prize, the one everyone associates with Mary Kay is the Pink Cadillac. There are two options, the Cadillac SRX and the Cadillac CTS. Both are PINK, of course. These have the highest levels of production required and the qualification period is six months. Those who do not want to drive a Pink Cadillac can take $900 a month instead.

I would like to point something out. Every Consultant who has taken the Career Car instead of the Cash Option said it was easier to become a Director since they had physical proof that Mary Kay does give out cars and "regular people" earn them. Also, every Director who earned a Premier Club Car often earned the Pink Cadillac for the same reason. And my personal Director, Kerri Bunker of Denver, Colorado, stated that she makes more than $900 extra each month because she drives a Pink Cadillac (as opposed to the Cash Option). According to her, people take pictures of her car, leave notes on her car for product orders and know that she has the products they want since she is a Cadillac Driver. So, be cautious about taking the Cash Option instead of the free car. :) Let's not forget that Mary Kay pays for approximately 80% of the tax, title and insurance for your vehicle. You pay the balance, which comes out of your commissions (which you have since you are winning a car). Other than regular maintanance (oil changes, etc) and gas, you are truly driving a free car.

Anyone want to earn one with me? If you do, I want you on my team. :)

Take Care!

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