Sunday, November 29, 2015

Star a Mary Kay Business This Year!

I am looking for a few good people, who want more out of life. I am looking for those who would like to earn some extra money. Yes, it is holiday season. Yes, everyone is busy. There are a host of benefits working for yourself as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

First, you get all of your Mary Kay products at 50% of retail. There are no quotas to buy each month. There are also no inventory requirements.

You get tax benefits for working for yourself. Part of your rent or mortgage, utilities, cell phone and internet bills are all tax deductible if used for your business. You can also write off any trips you take for training as well as some of the cost of any clothes you purchase to be professional.

Everyone starts at the same Starter Kit for $100, plus shipping and tax. There is enough product in that Starter Kit to give facials for over 30 people. An amazing start to your business. If you were to buy all of the products separately, you would pay over $300.

Those who work their business well can earn jewelry, cars, trips and other prizes around the world. I'll feature some of them on this blog.

Mary Kay corporate maintains our websites, has sister companies for business cards and professional tools and provides all training needed to be successful. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

I have my own goals. I am looking to be a Pink Cadillac Driver. I want this car:

If I am going to drive Pink, it's gonna be big. :)

I am also looking to be the first Male National Sales Director. To do that, I need to become a Director first. I then must also help another 20 people to become Directors. I am looking for people who want to be Directors. I will show you how, with my current Director, Kerri Bunker.

As an incentive, those who choose to start their Mary Kay business as part of the Kerri Bunker Unit, you well earn a Pink Ice Ring as a sign up bonus:

We just need to know your size. Once your agreement is accepted, we'll send off your Pink Ice Ring. I have a plan to help you earn two more pieces of Pink Ice Jewelry, plus a few other fancy pieces. The details we can discuss once you are a Consultant. But, it will be a bit of work. This is a career, after all. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Here are other pieces of jewelry I will help you earn in your first 3 months as a Mary Kay Consultant:

You will have 3 pieces of matching Pink Ice jewelry as well as 3 pieces of matching Pearl jewelry. I just need a commitment from you. You will also earn a few of the beautiful lapel pins to show of your success. I am looking for those anywhere in the US or its Territories who have 5 to 20 hours per week for their Mary Kay business. That's it. It's a part-time job with full-time rewards. As long as you can be consistent, you will be successful. You have to be at least 18 years old to sign an agreement. If you are not a US citizen, but in the US or its Territories, let me know. You can still join Mary Kay, but there are some additional things you must know.

Contact me on my website. Let me know you are interested in Mary Kay as a career option. I'll be in touch and I will help you get started!

Take care and Happy Holidays!


  1. Its nice to know there are other men that are interested in Mary Kay. I have been going back and forth on if it is something that i could do. I have read other blogs about selling and the products like i was wondering as a man did you have to start different then a woman would?

    1. No. I didn't have to start any differently. The concept is still the same as anyone else working Mary Kay. But, I do find some of the tools, like "warm chatter" (you'll hear that if you join)--or basically talk to any woman anywhere (the grocery store line, the mall while shopping, etc)--don't work well for me. What lady would invite a strange man over to her house? You really have to work through referrals.