Monday, July 7, 2014

What's Wrong with Mary Kay

The title is a little misleading. There is nothing wrong with Mary Kay. Incredible skincare, amazing make-up, beautiful fragrance and some great products for the body, too! Mary Kay gives back by donating money to research the cancers that affect women as well as domestic violence shelters and teen dating violence. Not to mention that Mary Kay gives amazing prizes and compensation to its sales force. I really find nothing wrong with the company. I even know a lot of self-made women millionaires. Did you know Mary Kay has more women millionaires than any other company in the world?

What then is the issue with Mary Kay? Mostly, the issues are in how Mary Kay is received. Most people think lipstick when they hear Mary Kay. Some even think of pink Cadillac cars. If you have not checked out Mary Kay's product line in a while, you should. It is so much more than lipstick. You name a skin care concern on your face and I'm certain Mary Kay has something that can help. I think the only thing Mary Kay cannot do is remove a mole. :) I can brighten your skin, diminish dark circles, even out skin tone, clear up your complexion. I can also moisturize, exfoliate and reduce oil. I have environment friendly products, everything is tested for sensitive skin and let's not forget that Mary Kay has a buy back guarantee. If you don't like your purchase for any reason, return it. You lose no money and neither does your Consultant. Check out my website here to see all of the great things I have available.

Most people think that Mary Kay Consultants sell as a hobby. None of our friends, family, co-workers or neighbors will believe we are selling Mary Kay to support ourselves. Most assume we are going to be pushy, force them to buy things they don't want and are more concerned about ourselves than our customers. I can't really speak for everyone. But, I have seen the pushy Consultant. And no matter how much make-up she puts on, she's just not pretty. I like to do exactly what I signed up to do--consult people about their skin. You tell me what you want to keep, what you want to change and what you want to learn. I'll pull out those products so you can try them. It's up to you to buy them. If you don't, then you won't see the changes you want in your skin. That is on you--not me!

Many don't want to host a party. They assume it's going to take a lot of time, that I will telemarket their friends or they just assume since it's my hobby, it's not really a big deal to say no. If I conduct a party correctly, the hostess will spend less than 30 minutes putting the party together. It's my business; I should do all the work. I don't trust anyone with my money. Parties fall apart when I leave the hostess in charge. Then the hostess is discouraged thinking that it's just too hard to host a party. The only thing I need from my hostess is a date, time, location and a guest list. After that, I will do all the invites, get people excited, make sure they know what I plan to do as well as show up on time, ready and with the right materials for that class. Remember, I am there to CONSULT, not push sales. If they don't buy it that is their problem.

Many buy only a few things because they are on a tight budget. But, I do offer a way to help customers earn products. The only way I can grow our business is to meet people. I do not have a retail store and I am not allowed to have one by my contract. I do not know everyone in the world. You know people that I don't. All I ask is that you introduce them to me. If they don't want to come, they will tell you. Do the Consultant and the Guest the favor of not deciding for them. Just ask and see what happens. Host a party and you get free Mary Kay.

I guess a round about way of rambling is that I just ask you give your Consultant the benefit of the doubt. If she asks you to host a party, there is a reason why. She likes you; she thinks you will like the products she has; or she just really needs your help. We are all struggling with something. Yet is so easy to minimize something like Mary Kay. Trust me! It's so worth looking into. :)

Take care!

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