Saturday, November 17, 2012

Continuing Basics: Day Solution and Night Solution!!

Okay, now that we've talked about the very basics; cleanser, moisturizer and foundation, it's time to talk about a few extras that should still be considered in any everyday skin care routine (I would say beauty routine, but that might turn off some men who clearly need to read this).

Timewise Day Solution with SPF 35 ($30, plus tax). This is a lightweight serum that blends into the skin quickly. The main purpose of this product is to protect the skin from the elements that harm the skin--sun damage, pollution, etc. In addition, there is an SPF 35 that is recommended by the FDA to prevent skin damage. Did you know that the sun is the leading cause of premature aging and skin damage? Why not defend against it?

This product goes on after your cleanser and before your moisturizer.  This product is NOT a moisturizer by itself. I've had a few  customers skip the moisturizer thinking that the Day Solution is good enough on it's own. While it is a necessary step, it's not a moisturizer.

This product has anti-age and anti-wrinkle properties. This product is recommended for those using Timewise Cleanser and Timewise Moisturizer but anyone of any age can use this product. You can save $5 on this product if you buy it as part of the Miracle Set.

Timewise Repair Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($50, plus tax). This is a new product that debuted in the summer of 2012 with the entire Timewise Repair line. This product is meant for those over the age of 50, for those with visible signs of skin damage or premature aging or those who want the top of the line in skin care can also use this product.

Unlike the Timewise Day Solution, The Timewise Repair Day Cream is a moisturizer as well. So you can protect and moisturize your skin in one step. You will save $36 if you buy the entire Timewise Repair system than if you buy the products individually.

Timewise Night Solution ($30, plus tax). I love this product. It's a clear solution with vitamin filled capsules. The pump breaks open the capsules to put fresh vitamins in the serum only as you use it. This prevents the breakdown of the vitamins over time as the product waits to come to you.

A friend of mine described the Night Solution as her "boyfriend in a bottle". When she uses this product, she imagines tiny little construction men repairing her skin while she sleeps. This product helps to reverse the damage to the skin from the day.

Timewise Night Solution is used between your Cleanser and Moisturizer. You will also save $5 on this product if you buy it with the Miracle Set (this would be a total of $10 when you add the Day Solution).
Timewise Repair Volu-firm Night Treatment With Retinol ($50, plus tax). Again, this is a new product that launched this summer with the Timewise Repair Line. Another lightweight product that repairs the skin from the damage which occurred during the day.

I had to look up Retinol. Here is what I found:

Again, you will save money on this product if you purchase it as a skin care system instead of individual items. This product is intended for the same customers as its Day Cream counterpart.

I hope you find this information helpful. I am available for questions, comments or product reviews at anytime. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think could benefit (and that includes other Mary Kay Consultants). Feel free to message me here or visit my website:

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  1. How many pumps of each? I feel like 1 is not enough night solution...but 2 is too much. I dont want to waste too much and go thru it too fast, but i want to use enough to get results.

    1. I think 2 is good. I use 3 pumps myself. The bottle is supposed to last 3 months. If it lasts longer, you aren't using enough to get the benefits promised. If you go through it too quickly, you are right--you are wasting the product.

  2. How many pumps of each? I feel like 1 is not enough night solution...but 2 is too much. I dont want to waste too much and go thru it too fast, but i want to use enough to get results.

    1. Hello Jessica. I use 3 pumps of each, but maybe my face is bigger. The use up rate is 3 months. If you are using them faster than that, you are wasting product. If they last longer, you won't get the benefits you are looking for.

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