Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to Basics: Cleanser

It's been a while since I've made any posts here. So let's get back to the basics. CLEANSER!

The fundamental part of any great skin care routine is  cleanser. Obviously, it cleans the face of impurities and preps the skin for what comes next. A good skin cleanser will also pull impurities out of the pores. The cleaner your pores are, the smoother your skin looks and feels.

So, how do you choose a cleanser? First, you need to figure out what your goals are. Second, you try a cleanser and yes--it might be by trial and error.

Mary Kay has 10 cleansers to meet your needs. So which one is the right one? Here is a break down (by the way, all prices are subject to change after this post). Follow the links to learn more about each product.

Velocity Cleanser (retails for $10, plus tax). This cleanser is geared towards the teen. Velocity Cleanser is great for soaking up excess oil and cleaning the pores. It has a slight fragrance, but it's great for both teen boys and girls. There are no anti-age or anti-wrinkle properties in Velocity Cleanser.

Botanical Effects Cleansers (retails for $14, plus tax). These cleansers are geared towards the college student. There are three formulas. Formula 1 is for those with Dry Skin. Formula 2 is for those with Normal to Combination Skin. Formula 3 is for those who have oily skin. There are no anti-age or anti-wrinkle properties in the Botanical Effects Cleansers. Packaging is made from recycled materials, for those that worry about the environment.

Timewise Cleanser (retails for $18, plus tax). The Timewise Cleansers are geared towards those between 25 and 50 years old. This is the first skin care line from Mary Kay with anti-age and anti-wrinkle properties. Many at age 25 might wonder, "why would I use a product for wrinkles when I don't have them?". It is easier to prevent wrinkles than it is to repair them. Timewise comes in two formulas and one bar. One formula is for those with Normal to Dry Skin. The other is for those with Combination to Oily Skin. The bar is made for those with Normal to Oily Skin. If you prefer a lather to your cleanser, choose the bar. It comes with a soap dish, too! My wife loves the bar (and I like it, as well). But I do like the gel cleanser for Combination to Oily Skin.

Timewise Repair (retails for $25, plus tax). This is the top of the line in skin care. The Timewise Repair line just launched this year and is for those over 50, those with visible signs of skin damage (regardless of age) or those who want the top of the line in skin care. This creamy cleanser makes a rich lather. By the way, I think this is my favorite new cleanser from Mary Kay!

MK Men's Cleansing Bar (retails for $10, plus tax). Yes, Mary Kay has a men's line. And yes, men need skin care, too! More men are turning to good skin care, anyway. It's about time. This is great for those men just getting used to a skin care routine. Cleanses the face and preps it for the issues men ace, such as daily shaving.

Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths ($15, plus tax). For those of you who are just looking for something you can take on the go, on the plane, to the gym, etc, this is perfect for you! And this one is great for all skin types.

So, just figure out which of these you think works best for you. It's okay to make a mistake along the way to finding your ideal cleanser. And don't freak out if you break out slightly on day two through five. It's just the cleanser pulling the impurities out of your skin.

Follow the links to find out more information about each product. And BONUS--if you don't like any of your purchases, Mary Kay will refund your purchase. Just talk to the Consultant who sold you the product. She (or he) will be happy to fix your order. And just know that the Consultant doesn't lose any money when you return items that you don't like. Besides, you won't come back to buy more later if you are not completely happy!

Send me any questions you have either on this blog or through my website, I LOVE answering questions.

Take care!

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