Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to Basic: Foundation!!!

So if we've already talked about food for the skin and moisturizer for the skin, it's time we talk about shelter! In other words, your foundation. You've just cleansed your skin, added moisturizer--now put something on top to keep all that good stuff in and prevent the bad stuff from returning.

Mary Kay has a host of foundations, 7 different types of foundation to meet your skin care needs. I am 100% certain you will not only find the right type, but the perfect shade. Nobody should know you have foundation on. If you do it right, nobody will know. That's the point, right? Make them all think you were born with that skin. So here are the foundations, starting with least coverage and building to the most coverage.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 ($18, plus tax). Sheer; 6 shades. This is a lightweight moisturizer with a hint of pigment to even out skin tone. As an added benefit, there is an SPF of 20. This is the perfect summer foundation, since it not only protect from the sun, but adds moisture to the skin. The Tinted Moisturizer will not hide all imperfections since it is a sheer coverage, but it will even out skin tone.

Mineral Powder ($18, plus tax). Sheer; 12 shades. This is is a lightweight foundation, with build-able coverage. You can add layers of this foundation to build the coverage you want. This foundation also helps with shine and oil control. Best if applied with the Mineral Powder Foundation Brush
($10, plus tax).

Pressed Powder ($14, plus tax). Sheer; 6 shades. Another sheer coverage foundation, but fits into any of the Mary Kay Compacts (from $16, plus tax). Build-able coverage and great for oil control and shine.

Cream-to-Powder ($14, plus tax). Medium; 10 shades. Cream-to-powder moves into the medium coverage category. This foundation applies like a cream foundation offering more coverage and hiding more imperfections. Then, this foundation dries like a powder, so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This foundation also fits into any of the Mary Kay Compacts (from $16, plus tax).

Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation ($15, plus tax). Medium; 20 shades. Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation is a liquid foundation specifically marketed for oil control. If you have oily skin, but like a liquid foundation, this is the one for you. Goes on best if applied with the Liquid Foundation Brush ($10, plus tax).

Timewise Liquid Foundations ($20, plus tax). Medium; 23 shades. There are two formulas for this foundation. Timewise Luminous-Wear Foundation, for those with Normal to Dry skin and Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation, for those with Combination and Oily Skin. These are Timewise foundations,
so they have the anti-age and anti-wrinkle properties. These are made for those ladies who like liquid foundation and are using either the Timewise Skincare line or the Timewise Repair Skincare line. Best if applied with the Liquid Foundation Brush ($10).

Cream Foundation ($16, plus tax). Full; 11 shades. Cream Foundations are full coverage foundations. Mary Kay's Cream Foundation is made for those with severe dry skin or those who wish to hide imperfections. My own personal opinion would be that this foundation would also make a drag queen very happy. Those with Oily skin will not like this foundation. Those who are not used to wearing foundations at all will also most likely not like this foundation since it will feel heavy to them.

Again, I am so looking forward to answering any questions that you might have. Please feel free to send me a message or check out my website.

Take care!

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